My recent and strange meditation experience

I decided to give meditation another shot. And boy do I feel glad that I did. It feels like I’ve crossed some weird cavern and transversed into some strange realm of mindfulness. Or something adjacent to it. I can easily lose half an hour to meditating, which is frightening to some degree. It feels like I can easily lose hours to it.

Not sure what changed with my approach. I have some ideas, but will reflect on another time.

It wasn’t easy meditating before

I’ve tried to be a practitioner of meditation for years. The reason it’s never stuck with me was because I end up feeling frustrated and wondered why I bothered sitting still at all. Watching paint dry may have been easier.

Why bother meditating today?

You always hear meditation is beneficial for all sorts of reasons. I’m opting for it to better understand myself. I find myself asking questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • Who is hearing my thoughts?
  • What happens if I have no thoughts?

It’s been a wild experience I’m going to enjoy revisiting. Perhaps I’ll write more about this one day.

One final thought on breathing

I end up not needing to breathe for a while. No joke. I mean I eventually do. It’s just so bizarre not experiencing that reflex to gasp for air, so I end up not breathing for as long as I can. Might end up brain dead and quit blogging before I barely get started, hahaha.