SEO Consultant Services

My philosophy revolves around peace of mind. Working with me means I take care of your presence on Google and work towards bringing you new business, so you don’t have to worry about it. Here’s a detailed breakdown on everything I do.

  • Competition research
  • Keyword research & clustering
  • Content planning & clustering
  • Matching intent
  • Drafting outlines from 1st page SERPs
  • High quality human written content
  • Content editing & optimization
  • Quarterly upgrades
  • Backlink building

Table of Contents:

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is improving your website in a way that achieves greater visibility. For example, if you’re a dentist, you can get in front of pospective patients who are searching for new dentists. They might search for “dentist near me” or “{your city} family dentist”.

Improvements to your business’s SEO is accomplished in 2 ways:

Technically Sound SEO

Your website loads quickly enough.

It’s mobile responsive.

There aren’t any broken pages.

Your meta data (what search engines read to understand your webpages) are crafted to be keyword-rich (the right keywords) and competitive.

Your content is on-par with competitors.

You ultimately serve the searcher’s intent, which Google likes.

Your Google Business profile is set up in full.

Everything looks technically sound.

Authoritative SEO

Your business is mentioned across the web.

It’s mentioned by local websites. Topically relevant websites, too.

There are hyperlinks from those websites to your website.

Your business name is consistent. Your address, phone number, and website address, too.

You are also mentioned and linked to on authoritative websites, too.

Why Choose Me?

I’ve been doing this for 8 years now. I’ve worked with local businesses like:

  • dental clinics
  • printing companies
  • jewellers

To national businesses like:

  • grocery delivery services
  • home builders
  • construction equipment dealer
  • multi-clinic physiotherapy

To multinational businesses like:

  • one German luxury car manufacturer
  • sports apparel company
  • signage making
  • IT service provider
  • innovative medical company

I’ve also done volunteer work! (I’ve got a soft spot for healthcare.)

I’ve done a lot. Site migrations. Multi-website consolidation. Technical optimizations. Campaigning efforts. Collaborating with other marketing teams and departments.

I don’t like complicating things. I’ll take care of it, so you don’t have to think about it.

If you would like to learn about it, you send me an email and I’ll explain in-depths.

Or phone call or video chat. I love to share my rationale and make you smarter.

And I approach it with the intent of making you so good, you won’t need me and can fire me.

My SEO Process

I may or may not put together an audit. It’s up to you. Maybe you’ve seen too much from other SEO companies or people.

Local business websites that are 10-15 pages tend to be simple.

After signing and first payment, I immediately go into your website and start fixing things.

I look up competitors on my tools. I review the search results on Google. I immediately make changes to your website. (Usually starts with the “H1” heading tag and meta title first.)

I then look at what you need. What it is you are missing.

Maybe we need to split a page into two separate service page.

Maybe you need more pages or posts on the niche your business is in.

Most content management systems I know my way around (like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify).

I’m not a developer, but know how to create a page on those systems. I’ll take care of it for you.

Maybe (hopefully not) you need your website redeveloped. Likely at no additional cost because you really don’t need more costs. I’ll build it with templates and with SEO in mind from the ground up.

All of this work is dependent on what Google is rewarding with greater visibility.

I’ll keep you informed on the process and what needs to be done during the first few weeks.

Then you’ll hear from me once a month. So I can understand the latest developments of your business. And how you have been, too!

Expectations of SEO

The challenge with SEO is that it isn’t tied directly to ROI. I’ll track incoming calls. I’ll track website visits. I’ll track how often people looked up the directions to your business.

To make this work, you need to know your conversion rate, track how many calls turn to visitors, and have a conversation with me on what the business numbers look like.

Communication is imperative to me.

I can’t tell you how long before new leads or sales arrive. It typically takes month. If you have an established website for years, it may be easier.

SEO won’t be a solution if you only have few weeks of runway left.

Measuring SEO Progress

Few ways.

Website keyword rankings. The ones we’re interested in.

Website impressions. Again, for keywords we’re interested in.

Website traffic.

Conversions we can track. Calls will be primary. Link clicks to contact page, too. If you have emails and forms, those will get tracked, too.

Working Together

There are 200+ ranking factors for Google. I focus on the important ones. But I need you to focus on this:

Asking for reviews.

Make it a habit to ask for reviews from happy customers. “How do you find this work I’ve done?” If they’re happy, “It would be great if you can leave me a review on Google so I can help others the way I’ve done for you, too.”

Update your business email signature, include a link.

Train your staff to ask for reviews, too.

Otherwise, this important ranking factor will delay our SEO progress.

Getting reviews is also great marketing for businesses, too. How often do you look up reviews at a restaurant before trying? Or asking others what they think about a place they’ve gone to for services!

First Steps

Have a conversation with me. Ask me all the questions you have in mind.

In our second conversation, it will be about strategy and the way forward. Typically one week later.

Once we decide to work with each other, we e-sign a contract and I ask you how you would like to make your payments (I use Stripe).

First 3 months, then annual contracts. Payments are monthly.

You see me in action first before working long-term together.

I will also need:

  • Website access credentials
  • Domain registrar credentials
  • Content delivery network credentials
  • Access to Google properties credentials (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile)

Anything relevant to help us operate effectively from the get-go.

Getting Started

Questions? Let’s talk. This page aims to paint a clear picture of what I do. If there is anything I missed, we can talk about it.

Communication is imperative to me. Let’s understand your needs and grow your business together.

And if you don’t like me or it isn’t working, no harm, no foul! I will still appreciate you! 🙂