How much time do you spend on your identity?

I’m not where I want to be right now

A few minutes ago, I realize my life is in shambles. Or, more objectively, my life recently haven’t been what I want it to be. I think I owe it a lot to how I think and believe in myself. I’ve always heard that if things aren’t going your way, it’s usually your attitude or mindset that’s gone haywire.

I took an hour to read Patrick Bet-David’s Doing The Impossible book. The first chapter of the book highlighted something I never really thought about, which is how much time I invest in myself.

A highlight from Doing The Impossible

At the end of the book, Patrick shared a story about an associate of his asking him for help. This associated wanted to know why his “identity wasn’t constantly growing”. They did the simple math, breaking down where his 168 hours each week is spent. At the end, he asked how much of the 168 hours is actually spent:

  • on reading;
  • on listening to personal development CDs;
  • on attending professional development conferences; and
  • on associating himself with “high identity individuals”?

Great question. How many hours each week are you, fellow reader, spending on furthering your personal growth and identity?

How much time am I spending on developing my identity?

I took a moment and thought about my life. I used to read quite a bit. I definitely grew quite a bit thanks to all the reading I’ve done, all the podcasts I’ve listened to over the years, and the YouTube videos I’ve watched.

To date, however, I haven’t touched much. Probably the entire past year. Why I haven’t is questionable, and irrelevant to me. What is relevant is that I get back on track with taking charge with changing myself for the better. This means committing to understand how others ahead of me whichever path they have taken and how they have reached success.

My action plan

Here are some steps I’m going to take for myself:

  1. Dedicate a ridiculous 30-50 hours each week to developing my identity. I want to move as quickly as possible by digesting as much as I can as soon as I can. Since I’m unemployed at this time, may as well go hard on this sumbitch.
  2. Commit to the following:
    1. reading a hell lot more;
    2. blog about the things I read and applying it to myself (Exhibit A: this post); and
    3. definitely get my hands on professional development seminar recordings or something of the equivalent.

Although change at my level (wherever my level is) isn’t expected to “happen” within a matter of days, I’ll be happy to hit this challenge hard and fast as I normally do with any challenge I face. This identity development phase I feel is holding me back from my greatest self, so I’ll be going after it.

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