Inspiration comes from Effortless book by Greg McKeown.

Life is already difficult as it is. I think far too often we think sophisticated plans demonstrate likelihood of success. What if things can be made easier?

I went ahead and started thinking about all major projects in my life today. Wedding plans, buying a home, even business. Then I reflected on how to make each simpler.

To me, simple means 5 aspects or less. Each to be treated as a step.

For business, it can be as simple as:

  • increasing revenue
  • hiring skilled people to do the work
  • tracking and reporting on results
  • spending less than you make

When it comes to a wedding, you need:

  • a way to have fun
  • a way to remember it
  • guests!
  • knowing expected cost
  • a plan for the day’s event

When it comes to investments, knowing the following can get us started:

  • what you want to do with your money
  • investment options to get there
  • how much and how often you need to invest
  • some projections with risk

I’m confident there is much more to it than what I have listed. Perhaps I don’t have a full understanding. Hopefully I won’t need to. As long as we know the rules and the major pieces we need to play with, life can be simpler.

Let’s avoid losing sleep or spending an exorbitant time on things that can otherwise be easy. What major projects are you working on today? How would you simplify them or make it easier to do or accomplish?