There are many misconceptions of SEO.

SEO is not an over-night solution to more sales, leads, or revenue.

In this guide, we’ll look at:

  • How SEO works
  • What SEO is not
  • What SEO can be
  • How SEO is beneficial for businesses

How does SEO work?

SEO in its essence is to provide clues to Google that you fulfill searchers’ needs.

Whether a searcher is looking for a healthcare professional or specific services, your website is the best around.

Locally, SEO can involve work like:

  • Making sure proper and sufficient mentions of your business is around the web.
  • It can also include ensuring your website is technically sound.
  • Your content is also optimized to give off the right contextual clues to Google.
  • Trusted and authoritative websites also link directly to you.

Though this sounds simple and straight forward, a lot of research and proper planning is required.

That way, you ensure work is done with precision and with greatest impact that is most probable to succeed.

What is SEO NOT?

SEO is many things. It is NOT:

  • A quick fix to poor website design and user experience.
  • Over-night solution to immediate leads, sales, and/or revenue.
  • A one-off business investment.

Unlike paid ads, it’s recommend you avoid turning on and off your investment with SEO. It can be disruptive with Google.

What can SEO be?

SEO is an opportunity to invest in your business. People are constantly searching for solutions on Google.

SEO lets you tap into this. By:

  • optimizing your website for technical performance and for great user experience;
  • publishing invaluable content assets; and
  • reaching out to collaborate with other websites

your online presence can take off. Imagine what results you can achieve by combining it with other marketing channels:

  • Promoting collaborations and new content publication on social media.
  • Sharing insightful content with your email prospect nurture lists.
  • Running paid ads to landing pages optimized for searchers.

What are the benefits of SEO?

The synergy bonus with SEO can be astounding for established businesses. Your business benefits over time by:

  • establishing an impenetrable moat that can take YEARS to replicate
  • tapping into an endless stream of traffic with new content
  • supporting other marketing channels with well-researched content
  • grow your brand’s online presence and reputation

SEO makes you to think about content.

It puts your business presence in the World Wide Web on top of mind.

Your website becomes a powerhouse asset for generating new leads and sales.

And other business goals, too.

Wrapping Up

Misconceptions on SEO can waste time and money.

Understanding what SEO is not, what it can be, and how it fits in your business goals is essential.

Done right, not only does SEO compliment other marketing efforts, but also turns your website into an invaluable asset.

That is what an investment in SEO is all about.