How to Set Goals and Actually Achieve Them

We look at three important pieces to the puzzle:

  • How to set your goals
  • What goals to set, and
  • How to achieve them

How to Set Your Goals

#1. Start with the end in mind

We can do all the good things in life, but if we do everything, then we are nothing. Since we will always spend time working on something, why not work towards something specific?

Pick an end goal, then reverse engineer what needs to be done. That way, everything we do today will always lead towards somewhere that matters.

#2. Break things down to what you need to focus on

We need to think about all the things we have to do in order to get to where we want to be. Think: bite-size pieces.

We can list everything out at a high level, then pick and choose to focus on the essential few items. Our objective to find the highest impact goals that when hit will take great leaps forward to our end goal.

Besides looking at what needs to be done, we should also look at what skills we need to attain or upgrade.

#3. We want to break it down all the way to daily tasks.

If you can’t hit your daily goals, you won’t hit your weekly goals.

If you can’t hit your weekly goals, you won’t hit your monthly goals.

If you can’t hit your monthly goals, you won’t hit your annual goals.

If you won’t hit your annual goals, you won’t hit any goals you set your mind to.

What is it that you have to do today?

#4. The tools for managing everything

I use Trello with a pen and paper. Other useful tools can be Google Calendar, Asana, or some smartphone app.

What Goals to Set

The areas you can pick

J.D. Meier¬†has a good starting point with “hot spots”. There are three main ones we can focus on:

Our health

Without it, we are done. This can be fitness, diet, and mental well-being.

Our finances

We need money to live. This can be career, business, and investments.

Our personal goals

This adds an interesting dimension to our life and can be a passion pursuit. This can be a hobby, relationships, or a skill.

Important notes

Maximum 3-5 goals

Our lives are made of different interconnected pieces which we cannot ignore. Pick a number that makes you feel they are just out of reach but attainable.

We want enough to take care of all the important parts of our life. And we want to avoid becoming directionless with too many goals.

Not all goals are made equal

Life is not a balance game. We cannot go 20% effort and time on 5 different goals because we have different needs today.

Prioritize. Where are you in life? Where do you want to be? Then figure out what is it you have to do to get there.

Feel free to focus most of your resources on one goal. What is that one goal that you can achieve that will have the greatest, positive impact to your life and those around you?

How to Achieve Your Goals

Dan Lok shares four steps to hitting your goals:

  1. Set it
  2. See it
  3. Live it
  4. Share it

.. And ends his video with a great quote:

Live your life as if all your dreams have come true, then you challenge your reality to catch up.

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